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Workshop on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Workshop:

Virtual Reality typically refers to Computer technologies that generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment. With Virtual Reality can create an imaginary world for them.
VR is a three dimensional environment created using interactive software and hardware.
With Virtual Reality a person is able to look around the artificial world, move in it and interact with features or items that are visible to him. Many Virtual Realities are displayed either in a Computer monitor, a Projector Screen or Virtual Reality Headsets.

Course Content

DAY 1:


1.What is Virtual Reality? 
2. Introduction to Unity Software 
3.Difference between 3D and 2D Game Design Concepts 
4.Working of Unity Game Engine 
5. What are the different Virtual Reality Headsets? 
6.Desktop VR Platform 
7. Mobile VR Platform 
8. Application of VR Platforms 
9. Introduction to Google V2 Cardboard 
10. Working of Google v2 Cardboard


1.Hands on Practice  
2.Introduction to 3D GameObjects in Unity 
3. Importing the 3D Gameobjects inside the Game 
4. Readjusting the position, shape and rotation of GameObjects 
5. Developing and writing scripts for different GameObjects 
6. Creating Parent and Child GameObjects 
7. Adding Color to Individual GameObjects 
8. Setting Background Image to GameObjects 
9. Creating Prefabs from Existing GameObjects
10. Attaching Scripts to GameObjects and playing the Game.



VR Maze Game – A Virtual Reality 3D Maze Game where students have to find treasures inside the Maze.
1. Integrating the VR Software with Unity .
2. Attaching Virtual Reality Camera to GameObject
3. Designing a VR Scene 
4. Setting up the GVR Editor Prefab in Unity. 
5. Attaching Capsule Collider to the Camera 
6.Changing the Background to match the VR Experience

Session 4

1.Designing a Menu Scene for the Game 
2.Implementing Canvas inside the Menu Scene 
3.Scripts for moving to the next level

4.Setting OnClickListiner on the Button 
5.Setting Up the Play, Restart & Exit button 
6.Finding the Trophy and Moving to Next Level.
7.Designing the Finish Level Scene



Adrenaline Rush – A VR Game where students have to cross a plank suspended high up in the Himalayas.
1.Working and importing Assets in Unity 
2.Importing a SkyBox asset from the Asset Store 
3. Introduction to Trigger function in Unity 
4. Collecting GameObjects 
5. Designing a Menu Scene
6. Setting a Background Image


1.Integrating Android SDK with Unity.
2.Building Android Game
3.Playing the VR Game inside Android Smartphone

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